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Day Care

Happy Hound doggy day care in

The benefits to you and your Dog.

Why bring your Dog to Happy Hound  in Nanaimo?

There are many benefits to choosing a great dog day care for your dog.

A mentally happier dog, dogs are naturally pack animals and benefit from social interactions with other dogs. many dogs don't have the opportunity to interact with other dogs, this can be a major cause of aggressive behaviour, anxiety and mental stress. Visiting Doggy Daycare builds social skills and creates a friendly dog, it teaches them social skills and acceptable behaviour.

A well exercised dog, all dogs need exercise, lots of it! Imagine taking your puppy home after a hard day at work and your dog has also had a hard-happy day playing with other dogs, who is content to cuddle and have quiet time with you.

People bring their dogs for a variety of reasons.

They have busy lives and do not want their dog to suffer because of their work schedule.
They have a short-term change in their life that means their dog needs daycare, for instance a short term medical issue that restricts their movement, people use the doggy daycare to ensure their dog gets lots of exercise.
You need to have the house to yourself for a few hours, maybe a relative is visiting and is allergic, selling your property and have an open house. We offer anything from one hour to a full day so you can drop off your pooch for the length of time you need.
You want to treat or reward your dog; your dog will associate coming to Happy Hound as a positive and will look forward to their visit.

Our Day Care Rates


$4.65 per hour for pay as you go.

Prepaid 50 hour card: $210.00 = $4.20 per hour

Prepaid 100 hour card $380 = $3.80 per hour

More than one dog per house?

50 multi card $165.00 = $3.30 per hour

100 multi card $310.00 = $3.10 per hour

All rates subject to tax

Please see our doggy day care requirements below to ensure your dog meets our requirements. 

If you are unsure then please give us a call

Our Requirements for a Happy Pack at Happy Hound

Ready to join the Pack at Happy Hound?

At a glance we require:

  • All core vaccinations DHPP including Bordetella. Please bring paperwork with you

  • Flea and tick prevention program. (seasonal)

  • All attendees must be spayed or neutered if they are over the age of 12 months

  • Puppies must be at least 16 weeks old.

  • A completed daycare signed consent form.

  • A passing grade following a free behavioural assessment or “meet and greet”

We do not require an appointment for an assessment for puppies, nor do we charge a fee for this. Please see our vaccinations page for detailed information.

Many dogs can be introduced to daycare almost immediately.

Dogs must be spayed/ neutered by or close to 12 months of age. Excessive mounting can annoy the other dogs and they can have an aggressive reaction to being continually bothered, it is an extreme nuisance for the caregivers to deal with as well. Dogs who have this habit who cannot be taught to control it will be dismissed from attending daycare.


Fleas and Other Parasites

We regularly check for fleas and other parasites. If your dog is found to have fleas, lice, ticks, they will immediately be removed from daycare and be flea bathed at the owner's expense, in addition to daycare costs. You have an obligation to protect your dog by making sure they are on up-to-date flea control, and we have an obligation to all of our clients to help keep the dogs and our premises parasite-free.

Please discuss with your veterinarian on what is the best option for you.


Aggressive Dogs

While we are here for socializing dogs, once a dog has developed aggression issues, we recommend a behaviour trainer, bringing them to a daycare is not the answer. While we support and reinforce any training you would like, we will not put our dogs at risk in order to attempt to socialize a dog with issues. Sorry, we are not willing to use our dog friends as "bait" for aggressive dogs.




We like to know that our clients have been made aware that there are some risks in having your dog in a multi-dog situation.

There is always the risk of illness, so the best bet is to protect your dog. Please go to our vaccination page for more information.


There is a risk of injury. We do everything in our power to prevent accidents and injuries, but we are dealing with playful dogs, each equipped with at least 20 strong toenails and a full set of teeth. They play, rough-house, race, and get moody just like we do. We will always do everything we can to prevent any injury but nothing is foolproof. Dogs can get scrapes, cuts, bruises, and more serious injuries. Injury is rare, thanks to our excellent staff.

Within the above parameters, we endeavor to minimize the risks. However, the benefits of daycare far outweigh the risks.


All our dogs go home tired, and happy! Which tends to make a happy owner. The dogs are social and stimulated. It is much easier to love your dog when you don't have to be angry at them for destroying the house while you were out or needing attention when you are tired from a tough day.

At daycare they are loved and we appreciate each and every dog's uniqueness.


Contact us at Happy Hound Doggy Daycare

TEL: 250-756-0340

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