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Dog Grooming

Dog's Portrait

Why Groom Your Dog?

We are constantly rated the best Dog Daycare in Nanaimo

Professional grooming will promote and maintain a healthy coat and skin. Keeping your dog's nails nice and trim helps reinforce healthy foot structure and posture, and reduces the risk of infection. Regular visits may result in early detection of issues with ears, skin, teeth and more Oh and  Your dog will look and smell great.

A grooming session at Happy Hound typically consists of the dog being brushed, bathed and dried, as well as trimmed or clipped. We brush or comb the dog’s hair before the bath, making it easier to lather the dog with shampoo. We clean the dog’s ears to remove build-up and to check for signs of infection. Once the coat is dried, we will trim, clip or shave as requested. We always trim your dog's nails to a comfortable length.

High Quality Dog Grooming

Give them the coat they deserve

Our dog grooming is Monday to Friday by appointment only.

Give us a call for anything from a simple nail trimming to a full groom.

Drop-in Nail Service Monday to Friday 9:30am to 3pm

Happy Hound Dog Groomers

All our Dog Groomers are fully certified by the International Professional Groomers Association, either having completed or in the process of completing their International Master Groomer testing and certification.

We have groomed thousands of dogs over many years and have a wonderful, loyal clientele. 

Happy Hound puts the emphasis on Quality, not Quantity. We do not believe in over booking our groomers and they work at a pace comfortable for themselves and their dogs. We have seen, and fixed, the results of too many examples of "chop shop" grooming over the years.


We treat your dog in a manner that they actually enjoy the grooming and get to socialise with the other dogs, thus having a positive experience.   


However, we can and will absolutely accommodate dogs that do require separation, either in a kennel or in a quiet area.

We groom all breeds and are happy to groom to breed standard or can modify any cut to suit the dog and owner's taste and lifestyle.

We have the skill and experience to make your dog look and feel wonderful!

We use only high quality products and equipment and have a full line of products available for your dog's unique coat and skin requirements.

We will gladly demonstrate the tools and methods we suggest helping you maintain your pets coat and care at home to make the grooming experience a pleasant one for all.


Contact Happy Hound Doggy Daycare

TEL: 250-756-0340

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