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First Time Visitors

We require no reservations for daycare, we are a drop-in facility once you have signed up with up.

First time dogs are screened for temperment and must have either proof of vaccinations includingHH med dog

  • DHPP
  • Bordetella 
  • on a Parasite (Flea) program

Please bring in your proof of vaccinations

Puppies MUST be a minimum of 16 weeks old to attend daycare or grooming

Puppies we require to see their first 3 sets of vaccinations.

We do not require a appointment for assessment nor do we charge a fee for this. Please see our vaccinations page for detailed information.

Many dogs can be introduced to daycare almost immediately.

We have one staff member on shift per maximum 15 daycare dogs per caregiver. Although we are a drop-in facility we are very good at predicting the amount of dogs coming in. We add staff as required for busy periods. On any given week day there are always 6 to 8 total staff at peak periods.

Dogs must be spayed/ neutered by or close to 7 months of age. Excessive mounting can annoy the other dogs and they can have an aggressive reaction to being continually bothered, it is an extreme nuisance for the caregivers to deal with as well. Dogs who have this habit who cannot be taught to control it will be dismissed from attending daycare.


Fleas and Other Parasites

As we interact with our daycare dogs we regularly check for fleas and other parasites. If your dog is found to have fleas, lice, ticks, they will immediately be removed from daycare and be flea bathed at the owners expense, in addition to daycare costs. You have an obligation to protect your dog by making sure they are on up to date flea control, and we have an obligation to all of our clients to help keep the dogs and our premises parasite free. We recommend "Advantage" or "Revolution" type spot on treatments which are available at your vet clinic. They work extremely well. They must be administered every four weeks. Your dog can get wet with these products but full bathing will remove them, we suggest timing your dogs grooming to re-application time. Caution:We do not recommend use of pet store spot on treatments, they do not work well, can badly irritate the dogs skin and can be toxic to the family cat just by contact with the dog.

Please make sure your dog is de-wormed on a regular basis. Fleas can transfer worms as can contact with infected dogs. A flea bite can also transfer worms to humans. If you find your dog has worms, please keep them home until the treatment is complete.


Aggressive Dogs

While we are here for socializing dogs, once a dog has developed aggression issues, we recommend a behaviour trainer, bringing them to a daycare is not the answer. While we support and reinforce any training you would like, we will not put our dogs at risk in order to attempt to socialize a dog with issues. Sorry, we are not willing to use our dog friends as "bait" for aggressive dogs.



We like to know that our clients have been made aware that there are some risks in having your dog in a multi dog situation.

There is always the risk of illness, so the best bet is to protect your dog (see vaccination page).


There is a risk of injury. We do everything in our power to prevent accidents and injury, but we are dealing with playful dogs, each equipped with at least 20 strong toenails and a full set of teeth. They play, rough-house, race, and get moody just like we do. We will always do everything we can to prevent any injury but nothing is fool proof. Dogs can get scrapes, cuts, bruises and more serious injuries. Injury is rare, thanks to our excellent staff.

There is a possibility of parasite transfer, fleas, worms etc. We ask that all of our clients do the honourable thing and protect your own pet with proper flea protection and de-worming. This will ensure that everyone is protected. We will stay vigilant and always check all our dogs to help keep everyone protected. If there are any ongoing issues the dog will be excused from daycare.

The negative issues noted, the benefits of daycare far outweigh the risks. All our dogs go home tired, and happy! Which tends to make a happy owner. The dogs are social and stimulated. It is much easier to love your dog when you don't have to be angry at them for destroying the house while you were out or needing attention when you are tired from a tough day. At daycare they are loved and we appreciate each and every dog's uniqueness.