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People bring their dogs to daycare for a wide variety of reasons... 

For young dogs who are going through a destructive phase, daycare can save the house and sanity!

Social behavior: many dogs don't have the opportunity to interact with other dogs, this can be a major cause of aggressive behavior, daycare builds social skills and creates a friendly dog.

Exercise, lots of it! When the family is too worn out at the end of a hard work-day to exercise the dog, daycare has provided a happy tired dog who is content to cuddle and have quiet time!

The need to have your pet out of the house for just a short time. Real estate showings, carpet cleaners, renovations.


We are a drop-in facility. Provided your dogs meets our daycare requirements, we can be available to you on short notice. When you need to be away for a bit longer than your pet can be alone, a day at daycare is the answer.

 Our dogs have a blast on hot days because the pools and sprinklers come out, they love it!! Winter snow days are a hit too! They get to play, chase, tug, romp, run, relax and speak "dog" with their furry buddies and (not so furry) human friends.

When your dogs are tired and want to rest5 friends we provide quiet places with clean, soft beds. We allow our dogs to choose if they wish to nap. Our beds are always out and available. Senior dogs, specials needs and owners request will be taken to a quiet room to have a quiet time with the staff.

We do not use couches and chairs, cute as it would look, it is an impossible task to keep them properly clean and bacteria free. Washable dog beds are our favorite choice to keep our dogs comfy and our daycare clean, disinfected and parasite free.

We have 3 separate sections, a large dog area, teenagers area, and a small dog section, with separated outside areas to which the dogs have free in and out access.

Occasionally you may see large dogs in the small dog section. Some of our senior dogs or dogs with special needs are not able to deal with the level of play in the big dog section so prefer to hang out with the smaller dogs. This is actually a very positive interaction for our small dog clients. Good dog socializing enables your dog to be comfortable with all breeds and sizes of dogs. You don't want your small dog to have a negative reaction to large dogs when you are out and about. Some of these large dogs may also be grooming clients. We keep them in the front area so the groom stays fresh until they go home. We would never allow any larger dogs in with the smaller if they were not easygoing, gentle dogs.

If your dog is very shy or nervous we will start the introduction to daycare in the quieter area with the staff and just a dog or two. They hang out with the staff until thier own curiousity gets the better of them and are then introduced to the other dogs a bit at a time. As they feel more comfortable they will venture out to see what the other dogs are doing.

Although most dogs attending daycare play with the gang, there are some who are not the rough and tumble type. These dogs still reap great benefits from daycare. They still get all of the benefits of social dog behaviour, and are still stimulated by all the action, tiring them out for quiet time at home.

We Accept Puppies

Puppies, made so darned adorable so we would forgive them anything! Daycare really is perfect for puppies. Being able to raise puppies with daycare socializing will help to make your puppy a friendly, outgoing dog.

We start puppies on the "small" side, no matter the breed. They hang out with and are thoroughly spoiled by all the staff, and play with size and temperment appropriate dogs. Many puppies continue with daycare full time even when they are older, some come regularly but less frequently, and some phase out daycare as the dogs grow up and are able to be at home when the owner is away. We are happy in any case. Puppies are adorable and funny and we love having a floor full. As your puppy goes through training let us know your expectations and we will be happy to reinforce your training and methods.

Happy Hound Dog Hours and Pricing

Multiple dog household?  50 hour card:  $2.60 per hour, per dog


 Although we do require full vaccinations for all dogs using Happy Hound services, once your dog is over two years of age, providing they have been kept up to date on their shots, it is acceptable if you choose to do these vaccinations every 2-3 years, whichever you and your vet are comfortable with. BORDETELLA IS THE EXCEPTION, this MUST be done regularly, preferably no less than every 11 months. Upon filling out our client information card you give us permission to contact your vet to confirm shots are up to date.

Vaccinations protect your pet and their playmates. We do not accept dogs without vaccinations.



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